As a photographic artist, I am always developing new ideas. I am versatile in my approach to image making and do not necessarily restrict myself to one particular method or style; therefore each series can look very different to the next. My current photographic practice uses the influence and inspiration of Renaissance painting and contemporary photography through still life, landscapes or portraiture. This can be seen in composition and lighting, particularly within the still life images. There are many complex themes running through my work. In my most recent series, ‘Salt’ depicts man’s historical and cultural impact on his surroundings. Similarly, the opposite can be seen in the ‘Emergence’ series whereby the impact of a place can appear threatening to us causing fear and anxiety. Objects can have an effect on us too. In ‘Transition’ objects evoke memories of lost loved ones; creating souvenirs and memorials. It is with themes of memory, identity, loss and impact that I strive to represent in my work.

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