Our momentary belongings, ornaments, photographs and clothes, are collected and displayed in our homes throughout our lifetime. They mark our identity, our taste in fashion and our taste in design. When we pass away, these temporary possessions are left behind to embrace new lives. They can show traces of our characters but are only recognisable to those who know us well; the suit in the wardrobe, the decanter and glasses, the jug from an antique market etc. Relatives and friends eventually remove these items; they get passed on, inherited, or even discarded. They are linked to themes of death, loss, memory and absence. They eventually become monuments to our loved ones. Transition takes place and the objects adopt new homes to form new identities. The absence of an object signifies the end of a lifespan and the beginning of a new one. Replacing the missing objects with words describes ‘the thing that has been there’ (Barthes, 1980, p.76). The photographs preserve the memory of their occupancy before their evanescence ensues.

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